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All of our frequently asked questions. 

If you have a question that is not here please email us at support@3xroipro.com.

After over a decade in business there are not too many questions we cannot answer.


Q- How long is shipping?

A- Shipping is FREE on all products and is from Florida usually 3-7 days.

Q- Do you have tech support?

A- Yes call our 800 number and our trained techs can walk you thru most issues.

Q- Do most of these cameras record on motion?

A- Yes the can be configured to record motion or continuously.

Q- Where is the video stored?

A- Onboard on HDD,SD card or on the Cloud with your account in the app.

Q- Can i do playback on the phone or ipad app?

A- Yes

Q- Do they have night vision?

A- Yes 

Q- How long will it save the recording?

A- There is no perfect answer to this question. It depends on how much motion and the amount of storage. An example our 8 camera system will have approximately 4 weeks of video. A smaller camera with an SD onboard storage could be a week.\

Q- Do you have tech support in case i get stuck.

A- Yes. We also have Extensive videos walking you step by step to setup your cameras.

Q-  How does the doorbell camera compare to the Ring?

A- It stands up very well. The quality is very good. The extra feature we like is it has onboard storage and Cloud. So you can choose to pay for a cloud service or not. You still have access to all the video even without the cloud.

Q- How good is the resolution?

A- We chose to go with very good quality products. Our lowest resolution is 2 MP which is 1080P like most tv's. But our Home security camera kit boasts a 5 MP camera which is 2.5 times the 1080P. Either one will allow you to tell who someone is.

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